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Polymer Experts Scholars WeChat Group: Jubaijia Director Hezhong Division Wisdom
2015-11-19 Source: China Polymer Network
In order to better carry out domestic polymer industry-university-research cooperation and common development, a group of polymer experts and scholars has been opened through WeChat. Thousands of polymer experts and scholars from universities and research institutes at home and abroad and well-known enterprise R & D centers have joined. We need to have opened four groups of polymer experts and scholars WeChat groups A, B, C, and D (each group has a total capacity of 500 people). Interested polymer experts and scholars are welcome to join.

At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of colleagues from all walks of life in polymer industry, academia and research, in addition to the above comprehensive groups, more than 30 communication groups have been opened, such as: plastics, elastomers, rubber and tires, fibers, composite materials, coatings, inks, adhesives, bio Medical, natural polymers and biomass, degradation materials, functional polymers, high-performance polymers, rheology, hydrogels, aerogels, polymer physics and soft substances, polymer chemistry, liquid crystal polymers, polymers Assembly and supramolecular systems, material surface modification and adhesion, polymer processing molding, test analysis, energy polymer, modified polymer, 3DP polymer, self-healing, superhydrophobic, doctoral (student), master's degree, enterprise Home, industry and other groups.

Please add the group owner ’s WeChat PolymerChina first , or scan (computer) or press and hold (mobile phone) the QR code below. In order to save the review time of the group, you must clearly indicate: polymer + name + unit + job title (or Degree obtained) + Involved field (or industry) , otherwise it will not be accepted. Qualifications will be entered into the relevant professional group after reviewing, and the group nickname will be added immediately after joining the group: Chinese name @ unit, thank you for your cooperation.

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