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                            China Polymer Network (twojebuty.com) was established in August 2003 and is a professional portal in the field of polymer in China. China Polymer Network welcomes outstanding talents to join. If you have good professionalism, teamwork consciousness and entrepreneurial passion, we believe that your joining will make us have common success!
                            If you are interested in the following positions, please submit your resume here, and we will notify the preliminary candidates within one week for the interview.
                            How to apply: You can directly submit your resume online, or send your resume to ---- HR # twojebuty.com
                            应聘该职位Recruited website content editor (Number: 2) Applying for this position
                            Job Responsibilities:
                            1. The collation, collection and originality of the website's practical information. Collation, collection and collection of various materials on the website;
                            2. Website column content maintenance and construction, new version planning;
                            3. Maintenance and construction of website BBS;
                            4, the production of netizen-oriented topics. Marketing and business event support.

                            1. Under the age of 35 (can be relaxed under special circumstances), and gender is not limited;
                            2. Bachelor degree or above;
                            3. Integrity, integrity and responsibility.
                            4. Have good team awareness and ability to communicate with others;
                            5. Skilled in using the Internet and various common office software;
                            6, have strong professional information collection, filtering, editing, processing capabilities;
                            7. Polymer or chemistry or chemical or material related majors, preferably with relevant work experience;
                            8. English level 4 or above, strong reading and translation skills, and good writing skills;
                            9. Priority in editing is preferred;
                            10. Beijing's Hukou is preferred.
                            (Note: unlimited number of part-time workers)

                            应聘该职位Sales customer service staff: (Number: 2) Apply for this position

                            Job Responsibilities:
                            1. Responsible for the sales of Internet advertisements, and sell Chinese polymer Internet products to customers in the chemical industry and instrumentation industry such as plastics, rubber, fibers, composite materials, coatings, inks and adhesives, and complete the company's performance goals;
                            2.Develop potential customers, maintain and manage customers, and improve customer loyalty;
                            3. Mining the company's media brand advantages, continuously expanding the online marketing market, selling Internet advertising in this industry, and achieving sales goals.

                            1. Under 30 years of age, regardless of gender;
                            2. College degree or above;
                            3. Integrity, strong sense of responsibility, and patience
                            4. Have more than 1 year working experience in chemical market or sales;
                            5. Have a strong interest in the Internet and agree with the development prospects of e-commerce;
                            6, cheerful personality, standard Putonghua, have good communication skills and language skills;
                            7.Familiar with the Internet and various commonly used office software;
                            8. Have good organization and coordination ability and planning ability;
                            9. Have a good team awareness;
                            10. English level 4 or above is preferred;
                            11. Project management experience is preferred;
                            12. Beijing's Hukou is preferred.
                            (Note: unlimited number of part-time workers)

                            应聘该职位Website technical engineer: (Number: 2) Apply for this position

                            Job Responsibilities:
                            1. Responsible for the daily revision and maintenance of the website, news and related business development support;
                            2. Responsible for background development of Internet products;

                            1. College degree or above, English level 4 or above, strong English reading ability is preferred;
                            2, proficient in ASP.NET development language, familiar with object-oriented software design methods;
                            3. Familiar with relevant scripting languages and have at least 1 year experience in Internet website development and support;
                            4. Familiar with MsSQL database system, proficient in database daily operation commands and index performance optimization;
                            5. Familiar with W3C related Internet specifications, proficient in HTML, CSS, DIV, Javascript and other page technologies;
                            6. Have good code programming habits and strong document writing ability;
                            7, patient and meticulous personality, strong sense of responsibility, can withstand strong work pressure, have good professionalism;
                            8. Beijing Hukou is preferred.

                            应聘该职位Website Artist: (Number: 2) Apply for this position

                            Job Responsibilities:
                            Web page design and production, FLASH design and production, etc.

                            1. Technical secondary school education or above, excellent art skills and atmospheric aesthetics;
                            2. The grasp of color is unique, and it can give priority to the effective combination of design style and column characteristics;
                            3. Have a high sense of responsibility, active thinking, hard work, hard work, and strong ability to work independently;
                            4. Will use photoshop \ pagemake \ illustrator and other graphic design software, understand art, design, have space imagination, and have practical work experience;
                            5, will use dreamweaver / flash, FIREWORK and other web design software, and have practical work experience;
                            6. Familiar with scripting languages such as HTML, JAVASCRIPT;
                            7, proficient in CSS styles, able to make compatible styles (CSS HACK) for current mainstream browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera); familiar with W3C standards, skilled in using DIV + CSS layout;
                            8. Basically master FLASH design and programming skills;
                            9. Basic knowledge of network programming languages such as ASP or ASP.NET;
                            10. Basic understanding of AJAX technology;
                            11. More than one year of work experience, experience in large and medium-sized website construction and design is preferred;
                            12, Beijing Hukou priority