Business cooperation

I. Exhibition Cooperation
Combining the advantages of China Polymer Network's brand and corporate concentration, let more companies participate in your exhibition! !! !!

China Polymer Network has the advantages of time, geography, and harmony. The average daily visits of more than 10,000 people can add more exhibitors and visitors to your exhibition.

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Second, media agency cooperation

China Polymer Network has a golden position on the homepage and columns, such as banner, logo, banner, huge banner, banner, fluttering advertisement, etc .; perfect dynamic marketing model, professional service quality, good marketing channels, let you as China Polymer Network Advertising media agencies will get huge profits.

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Third, other cooperation

The Internet era is an era of cooperation. China Polymer Network is an open carrier. We are willing to cooperate more with you! !! !!

China Polymer Network is a professional industry website. While developing, it also hopes to cooperate with other related industries in various aspects. Opportunities for cooperation may exist in resource sharing, advertising exchange, product agency, and other areas. Cooperation makes use of common development, and cooperation will make you strong and great!