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                  About China Polymer Network

                  China Polymer Network ( twojebuty.com ) was launched in August 2003 and is China's first professional portal in the field of polymer polymers. In August 2005, the 20-year-old China Plastic Engineering Information Center (CPEIC, www.plasinfo.com ) was officially incorporated into the China Polymer Network, which will enable China Polymer Network to provide information services in the plastics industry. The advantages have been further strengthened.

                  China Polymer Net is in the Chinese Chemical Society ( www.ccs.ac.cn ), the Polymer Chemistry Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society ( www.pdccs.org.cn ) and the China Plastics Processing Industry Association ( www.cppia.com.cn ), etc. Under the strong support and assistance of relevant organizations and units (a list of co-organizers of China Polymer Network ), under the guidance of the former director of the Department of Chemistry of the Ministry of Chemistry of the National Natural Science Foundation of China ( www.nsfc.gov.cn ), With the efforts of employees, and the active participation and support of the majority of industry and scholars, it has become the highest level information exchange platform and development forum for the Chinese polymer academia and industry.

                  China Polymer Network currently has more than 200,000 individual registered members and nearly 50,000 group and corporate registered members. The average daily traffic (IP) is over 15,000, and the daily page traffic (Pageview) is over 210,000.

                  With the help of Internet technology, China Polymer Network has established an information exchange platform serving the domestic polymer polymer field in order to promote the development of the academic, industrial and market of China's polymer industry. The website is based on high-molecular polymers, covering academic research, industrial development, technical exchanges, achievement transformation, trade cooperation, management consulting, etc., and also covers resins, plastics, rubber, fibers, composite materials, coatings, inks, adhesives Market information on the application of mixtures, thermoplastic elastomers, functional polymers, rubber and plastic processing equipment, instruments, etc., and timely release of industry policies, market-oriented news, market trends and expert comments.

                  The purpose of China Polymer Network is to build a "study-industry-market" communication platform in the field of polymer polymers, to provide scholars and practitioners in the polymer industry with an opportunity to publish information and participate in discussions. We will adhere to the service tenet of "service-oriented, customer first", adjust the website content and service combination according to the actual situation, strengthen the website construction, and provide customers with multi-level, multi-channel, comprehensive, "humanized", information, electronic Business and other value-added services.

                  The operation of China Polymer Network relies on everyone's support, and industry and scholars are welcome to provide valuable suggestions.