2020 China Shanghai International Automotive Coatings and Coating Technology Exhibition
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Exhibition time: 2020-08-07 ~ 2020-08-09
Venue: Shanghai Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345 Longyang Road)
Organizers: China-EU Automotive Materials Committee, International Automobile Lightweight Green Technology Alliance, China-EU New Energy Intelligent Automobile Industry Federation, China Automobile Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Alliance (CAIA), China Auto Parts Industry Association (CAPIA), National Body Parts Technical Standardization Committee (CAPTC)
Organizer: BYK Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


China International Automotive Coating and Painting Technology Exhibition

Held concurrently: 2020 China Shanghai International Automobile Interior and Exterior Exhibition, 2020 4th China Shanghai International Wheel Exhibition and Carnival Event

2020 The 7th China Shanghai International Automobile Lightweight Technology Achievements Exhibition  

Basic information :

Exhibition time: August 7-9, 2020

2345号) Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center ( No. 2345 Longyang Road )

Exhibition official website: www.iape-china.com



Shanghai Commercial Commission of the People's Republic of China
(2020)-XZ18-第323号) (Shanghai Business Exhibition (2020) -XZ18-No. 323)
CEIBS Automotive Materials Committee
International Automotive Lightweight Green Technology Alliance
China-EU New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Industry Federation
CAIA) China Automobile Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Alliance ( CAIA)
CAPIA) China Auto Parts Industry Association ( CAPIA)
CAPTC) National Body Component Technical Standardization Committee ( CAPTC)
Support Units:
China Automobile Industry Association Automobile Related Industry Branch
China Automobile Industry Association Body Accessories Committee
SAE-International) International Society of Automotive Engineers ( SAE-International)
BME) German Federal Procurement and Logistics Association ( BME)
(FIEV) French Auto Parts Association (FIEV)
(KAICA) Korea Automobile Industry Cooperation Association (KAICA)
(ANFIA) Italian Automobile Industry Association (ANFIA)
(TTVMA) Taiwan Vehicle Industry Association (TTVMA)
Becker Exhibitions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Exhibition introduction:

— 自2011 年起,「 中国上海国际汽车涂料、涂装技术展览会 」提供一个高效兼具成本效益的贸易平台,为展商扩阔客户基础及强化品牌宣传。 Many years of experience in the service industry — Since 2011 , " China Shanghai International Automotive Coatings and Coating Technology Exhibition " has provided an efficient and cost-effective trading platform to broaden the customer base and strengthen brand promotion for exhibitors. — 为期三天的展会,展商可面对面接触大量对口客户,向行业展示技术及创新产品,快速建立稳定客户网络。 Establish customer relationships and achieve market share objectives —For a three-day exhibition, exhibitors can meet a large number of counterpart customers face-to-face, display technology and innovative products to the industry, and quickly establish a stable customer network.

— 「 中国上海国际汽车涂料、涂装技术展览会 」为展商提供审视竞争形势、调查市场需求、收集反馈信息、提升企业形象和展示自身实力的良机。 Enterprises can fully understand the development trend of the industry- " China Shanghai International Automotive Coatings and Coating Technology Exhibition " provides exhibitors with a good opportunity to review the competition situation, investigate market demand, collect feedback information, enhance corporate image and show their strength.

专业盛会 A highly influential professional event in the automotive coating industry

汽车涂料、涂装 产品的需求来自的行业有: 汽车主机厂 新能源电动汽车、摩托车、电动 Buyers ' needs for automotive coatings and coating products come from the following industries: auto OEMs , new energy electric vehicles, motorcycles, electric

4S店、 一级供应商、 OEM、 汽车维修、零部件制造、设备生产加工等企业及采购商、经销商 Car , 4S shop, first-tier supplier, OEM, auto repair, parts manufacturing, equipment production and processing and other enterprises and buyers, dealers .

2011 首次举办,已连续在上海举办了 9 次,参展商包括国内和海外的企业。 展会 The exhibition was held for the first time in 2011 and has been held 9 times in Shanghai . Exhibitors include domestic and overseas companies. Near 2019

12%的观众来自海外国家 56,492 buyers visited the exhibition, of which 12% were from overseas countries .

↗The only event that received support from overseas automobile associations and national pavilions. They came from Germany, Switzerland, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Malaysia

Malaysia, Pakistan, Australia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Italy, France, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

国内外 汽车 技术 装备 产品外,还将引入美国、德国、日本等汽车 行业 发达国家的品牌、产品、技术和理念,推广国际 产品 管理的成功经验,促进行业 快速 规范化、市场化、产业化,既发掘我国汽车存量市场,扩大内需,又满足人们日益增长的个性化需求, 促进行业 资源整合 ,倾力打造 合作共赢 商贸平台 In addition to exhibiting domestic and foreign automotive technology and equipment products, CIAIE 2020 will also introduce the brands, products, technologies and concepts of developed countries in the automotive industry such as the United States, Germany, and Japan , promote successful experience in international product management, and promote rapid standardization, marketization, Industrialization not only explores China's automobile stock market, expands domestic demand, but also meets the increasing individual needs of people, promotes the integration of industry resources , and strives to create a win-win cooperation business platform !

Exhibition content and exhibits :

汽车涂装材料: 漆前处理材料、制漆用的原料、颜料、树脂、助剂、水性聚氨酯技术、汽车防腐蚀 * Automotive coating materials: paint pre-treatment materials, paint-making raw materials, pigments, resins, auxiliaries, water-based polyurethane technology, automotive anti-corrosion

Material technology equipment, atomic ash and hemp ash, automotive coatings, primers, surface paints, varnishes, repair paints, paint removers, phosphating films

Agents and other new products and technologies ;

涂装线: 前处理系统、静电除尘、密封底涂线、凝胶、底漆喷涂、表面喷涂、溜平干燥、喷粉系统、 * Coating line: pre-treatment system, electrostatic dedusting, sealed bottom coating line, gel, primer spraying, surface spraying, smoothing and drying, dusting system,

Painting equipment, hanging conveyor chain, combustion equipment, air filter, liquid filter, filter element and filter paper and other related products

涂装工艺: 空气喷涂、刷涂、静电涂装、空气辅助无气喷涂、强制冷却设备、高压无气喷涂、粉末 * Painting process: air spray, brush coating, electrostatic coating, air assisted airless spray, forced cooling equipment, high pressure airless spray, powder

Coating, dip coating, electrophoretic coating, extrusion equipment, drying system, furnace temperature tracker, color difference meter, thickness gauge, cleaning, grinding, depilation

Punching, polishing and polishing, conversion film, plating, pretreatment, anodizing, plastic plating, vacuum plating, depainting and degreasing equipment, etc.

涂装管理: 热源系统、电控系统、远程控制、全自动输送系统、质量监控系统、机器人自动化喷涂 * Painting management: heat source system, electric control system, remote control, fully automatic conveying system, quality monitoring system, robotic automatic spraying

Systems, automation equipment, air purification fresh air supply system, automotive painting construction safety protection technology equipment;

汽车涂装三废处理及设备: 膜分离、废水处理、废气处理、废物处理等技术及设备 * Three waste treatment and equipment for automobile coating: Technologies and equipment for membrane separation, waste water treatment, waste gas treatment, waste treatment, etc.

Review of previous exhibitions :

CIAIE is the only national auto industry exhibition held in accordance with the principles of internationalization, professionalism and marketization. CIAIE has been awarded by 39 automotive industry associations in 17 countries and regions including China, Germany, the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Canada, Australia, Italy, India, Iran, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Taiwan . International visitors.

、河北御捷、江苏道爵 超过 200品牌,涵盖传统汽车、新能源整车、电动汽车制造、研发、设计公司 参观 交流 洽谈。 The CIAIE domestic audience mainly comes from SAIC Group, BAIC Foton, GAC Group, FAW Group, Beijing Benz, BMW Brilliance, Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, BAIC Holdings, Beijing Hyundai, BYD, Chery, Great Wall, Xiali, Geely, Hafei, Lifan, Shenlong, Jiangnan, Hongta, Youth Lark, Jilin Tongtian, Zhengzhou Yutong, Auman Heavy Vehicles, Beijing Automotive Research Institute, Bosch Group, Denso, Delphi, Magna, BAIC Lear, Dongfeng Motor Parts, Ministry of Machinery Industry More than 200 brands including the Ninth Courtyard, Fourth Courtyard , Hebei Yujie, Jiangsu Daojue, etc. , covering traditional cars, new energy vehicles, electric vehicle manufacturing, R & D, and design companies . 还将 举办 “汽车涂料与涂装技术论坛、新技术发布会 ”, 同时 获得了行业组织、政府相关机构的 支持和 赞誉。 During the exhibition , "Automotive Coatings and Coating Technology Forum , New Technology Press Conference " will also be held . At the same time , it has received support and praise from industry organizations and relevant government agencies .

发布会 、新产品推广会, 专题 研讨 New technology release meeting , new product promotion meeting, special seminar

企业如需安排此类活动,请及时向大会组委会联络,以便安排较好时间段。 * If the enterprise needs to arrange such activities, please contact the organizing committee of the conference in time to arrange a better time period.

每场收费 25,000元RMB,时间为30 分钟(含场地各类配套设施、宣传费用等) * A fee of RMB 25,000 is charged for each session , and the time is 30 minutes (including various supporting facilities, promotion costs, etc.)

contact details:

To book a booth at CIAIE2019 or for more information, please book your booth using the contact details below.
Website: www.iape-china.com
Phone: 021-60503317
Fax: 021-51062285
Email: 399180733@qq.com
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