2020 The 10th China Shanghai International Automobile Interior and Exterior Exhibition (CIAIE)
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Exhibition time: 2020-08-07 ~ 2020-08-09
Venue: Shanghai Shanghai New International Expo Centre (No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong)
Organizers: InfoGroup, China Automobile Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Alliance (CAIA), National Body Component Technical Standardization Committee (CAPTC), Shanghai International Automobile City Development Service Co., Ltd., China Plastics Association Artificial Leather Synthetic Leather Professional Committee, China Auto Parts Industry Association (CAPIA)
Organizer: Yingfo Conference & Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Promote the development of the global automotive industry and help interconnect the automotive interior and exterior industry chain

10余年,中国上海国际汽车内饰与外饰展览会(CIAIE)多年来伴随着中国汽车工业健康稳定的发展,现已成为全球极具规模及影响力的汽车内外饰行业专业性展会,展品涉及内外饰总成、座椅、智能驾驶舱、塑料件、装饰件、方向盘、门板、顶棚、车身覆盖件、车身结构件、外观件、座舱电子、被动安全、保险杠、后视镜、车灯与车辆照明以及应用领域新材料、新技术、新设备、新工艺集中亮相,展会全面链接汽车内外饰上下游产业链。 Deeply cultivated the automotive interior and exterior industry for more than 10 years. China Shanghai International Automotive Interior and Exterior Fair (CIAIE) has accompanied the healthy and stable development of the Chinese automotive industry for many years. Exhibitions, including interior and exterior trim assemblies, seats, smart cockpits, plastic parts, decorative parts, steering wheels, door panels, ceilings, body cover parts, body structure parts, exterior parts, cockpit electronics, passive safety, bumpers, rear Mirrors, lights and vehicle lighting, as well as new materials, new technologies, new equipment, and new technologies in the application field, were unveiled. The exhibition fully linked the upstream and downstream industrial chains of automotive interior and exterior decoration. It is the preferred platform for enterprise market expansion and brand promotion, and it also provides a one-stop professional platform for business people to find new technologies, new products, new materials, new equipment and understand market opportunities.

The most influential automotive interior and exterior professional event

OEMs、Tier1、 Buyers' needs for automotive interior and exterior products, related application materials and processing equipment come from the following industries: OEMs, OEMs, Tier1,

Tier2, new energy vehicles, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, custom modification and aftermarket industries.

2011上海首次举办,已连续在上海举办了9次,参展商包括国内和海外的企业。 展会 The exhibition was held for the first time in Shanghai in 2011 and has been held in Shanghai for 9 consecutive times. Exhibitors include domestic and overseas companies. 2019

56,492位买家参观展会、其中12%的观众来自海外国家 Nearly 56,492 buyers visited the exhibition, of which 12% were from overseas countries

↗The only event that has received support from overseas automobile-related associations and national pavilions. They come from the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia,

20多个国家的采购商。 Buyers from more than 20 countries including Vietnam, India, Australia, Thailand, Italy, France, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom .

CIAIE exhibition influence

CIAIE is the only international automotive industry exhibition held inside and outside in accordance with the principles of internationalization, specialization and marketization. CIAIE 2019 won 6,658 from 39 automotive industry organizations in 17 countries including Germany, the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Canada, Australia, Italy, India, Iran, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Taiwan. International visitors.

IAC)、东海理化、韩一理化、敏实集团、华翔集团、佛吉亚、东风汽车零部件、一汽富维等超过1000个品牌,涵盖传统汽车、新能源整车、电动汽车、氢能汽车、汽车内外饰件等相关应用、研发、制造、设计公司参观交流洽谈。 The CIAIE domestic audience mainly comes from SAIC Group, BAIC Foton, GAC Group, FAW Group, Beijing Benz, BMW Brilliance, Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, BAIC Holdings, Beijing Hyundai, BYD, Chery, Great Wall, Geely, Changan, Lvchi, Guoneng, Harvard, Fiat Chrysler, Tongjie, Ranger, Eikonic, Hengchi, Alter, Future, Wuhan Taige, Grove, Bo County, Dongfeng Yulong, Weilai, Xiaopeng, Weimar, Jilin Tongtian, Zhengzhou Yutong, Auman Heavy Duty Trucks, Beijing Automotive Research Institute, Bosch Group, Denso, Delphi, Magna, Lear, Antonglin , Toyota Gosei, IAC, Tokai Physiochemicals, Hanyi Physic, More than 1,000 brands including Shishi Group, Huaxiang Group, Faurecia, Dongfeng Motor Parts, FAW Fuwei, etc., covering traditional cars, new energy vehicles, electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, automotive interior and exterior trims and other related applications, research and development , Manufacturing, design company visits, exchanges and negotiations. ,获得了行业组织、政府及相关机构的支持和赞誉。 During the exhibition, several related forums and other activities will be held during the exhibition, which has won the support and praise of industry organizations, governments and related institutions.


(2018)-XZ18-第242号) Approved by: Shanghai Commercial Committee of the People's Republic of China

InfoGroup)、 中国汽车智造创新联盟( CAIA)、 全国车身部件技术标准化委员会( CAPTC)、上海国际汽车城开发服务有限公司、 中国塑协人造革合成革专业委员会 中国汽车配件行业协会( CAPIA) Organizers: InfoGroup, China Automobile Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Alliance ( CAIA), National Body Component Technical Standardization Committee ( CAPTC), Shanghai International Automobile City Development Service Co., Ltd., China Plastics Association Artificial Leather Synthetic Leather Professional Committee China Auto Parts Industry Association ( CAPIA)

Co-organizers : Automobile Industry Association of China Automobile Industry Association, Body Accessories Committee of China Automobile Industry Association

SAE-International)、德国联邦采购物流协会(BME)、 法国汽车零部件协会 (FIEV) 韩国汽车工业合作协会 (KAICA)、 意大利汽车工业协会 (ANFIA) 、 台湾区车辆工业同业公会 (TTVMA) Supporting units: SAE-International, German Federal Procurement and Logistics Association (BME), French Automobile Parts Association (FIEV), Korean Automobile Industry Cooperation Association (KAICA), Italian Automobile Industry Association (ANFIA), Taiwanese vehicles Industry Association (TTVMA)

Organizer: Yingfo Conference & Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Exhibition content and exhibits

Interior products: seat system, ceiling system, instrument panel system, auxiliary instrument panel system, door inner guard system, pillar guard system, automotive interior injection molded parts, slush molding, molded products, cab air circulation system, Luggage compartment system, engine compartment interior system, carpet, seat belt, airbag, steering wheel, sun visor, center control, automotive electronics system, interior lighting, atmosphere lights, interior acoustic system, sealing technology products, etc.

New automotive interior technology: smart cockpit, smart surface, smart display, touch technology, 3D glass, automotive interior surface finishing technology products, connected car related technology products, intelligent systems, T-BOX, V2X, OTA, HMI people Interface and acoustic and optical technology products

Exterior products: bumpers, lights, automotive glass, wheel covers, top covers, fenders, outer panels, mask decorative panels, hoods, engine guards, rearview mirrors, wipers, rubber trim strips, bodywork Decoration, original custom and modified parts, etc.

(IMD)、INS】、皮纹加工技术、定位及紧固系统、 Accessories and supporting products: fasteners, springs, seat slides, skeletons, recliners, steel plate materials, metal molds, plastic molds, texture molds, appearance and color product technologies [such as in-mold decoration (IMD), INS] Leather texture processing technology, positioning and fastening system,

/隔热/减震材料;胶粘剂、胶带、衬垫及密封产品、紧固方案、橡塑材料与制品、工程塑料、改性塑料;PU 材料、发泡材料、复合材料、高分子材料、 ABS板材、吸塑产品等 Application materials: seat fabrics, ceiling materials and various types of automotive leather, microfiber leather, textiles, non-woven fabrics, polymer fabrics, linen products, flocking fabrics, non-woven materials; sound insulation / heat insulation / shock absorption materials; Adhesives, tapes, gaskets and sealing products, fastening solutions, rubber and plastic materials and products, engineering plastics, modified plastics; PU materials, foam materials, composite materials, polymer materials, ABS sheet, plastic products, etc.

Internal and external decoration raw materials and chemical products: plastics, polyurethane, elastomers, adhesives, hot melt adhesives, release agents, inks, coatings, resins, masterbatches, particles, auxiliaries, various interior decoration chemical products, raw materials, Processing technology equipment, etc.

Internal and external decoration processing technology and equipment: robots and automation equipment for the automotive industry, cutting and cutting equipment for interior soft materials, sewing equipment, new technologies and technologies for automotive plastics, injection molding machines, extruders, ultrasonic welding equipment, five-axis processing technology equipment , Polyurethane equipment, assembly tools including analysis, testing, processing technology, stamping or die-cutting processing; related water-assisted injection molding, low-pressure injection molding, slush molding, cladding, molding, hot pressing, skinning, spray coating, plating, welding technology, etc.

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